Acquisition Success for EweMove Northampton North

Posted 25 May 2023
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EweMove Northampton North has confirmed the acquisition of Martin & Co Northampton. Having finalised the deal earlier this year, franchisee Paul Chant has taken on the management of over 100 rental properties, as well as several sales in their final stages. The sale of the portfolio has allowed the Seller to concentrate on his own businesses within Martin & Co.

Since launching in 2019, EweMove Northampton North has consistently gained five-star ratings from satisfied customers. Setting industry-wide standards for customer experiences while achieving an attractive return on investment, EweMove franchisees are continuing to prove the effectiveness of the business model, along with the brand’s highly regarded position within the UK property market.

Paul believes EweMove Northampton North’s latest acquisition highlights the increasing demand for a hybrid property model with a personalised service amid uncertainty for movers and investors.

“I’m delighted to have finalised such a large acquisition,” explained Paul. “It came at the perfect time, as I’ve been looking at ways to grow my business even further as the market continues to fluctuate. The acquisition gives my franchise a brilliant platform that I intend to capitalise on – it’s indicative of our growth and healthy evolution. I never envisaged an acquisition of this scale, but it’s filled me with a lot of confidence for further opportunities”.

“EweMove’s head office, along with the franchise team at TPFG, have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. It’s been a huge project that I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of.”

As a part of the acquisition, EweMove Northampton North has also taken on an additional two members of staff. The existing team from Martin & Co Northampton will be supporting EweMove’s growing rental portfolio, and the branch manager will continue to support the growing demand for exceptional agents seeing customers’ entire moving journey. Now with a team of five, Paul is moving closer to his long-term goal of taking on the entire Northampton territory while also maintaining exceptional standards for customers in the area.

“It’s the start of an exciting period for my franchise as I’m looking at scaling up again. This acquisition will put me in a great position to achieve my ambitious goals with EweMove, as our portfolio of properties reaches further than ever before across our region. For now, it’s vital that my team and I ensure we continue to provide an exceptional service to people in the community,” said Paul.

“We’re incredibly proud to be seeing our franchisees flourish. Northampton North’s acquisition is indicative of the growth of EweMove as a brand nationwide. With true leaders continuing to invest in our franchise model, we’re seeing more people like Paul capitalise on the incredible opportunities being presented to them,” added Nick Neill, Managing Director of EweMove.

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