An Opportunity That Hit Home

Posted 03 March 2023
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Resilience and trusting the risk-return principle have been key elements to Graham Faulkner’s success. An “accidental landlord”-turned local property expert, Graham has forged an incredibly successful career in the property and franchise industries as one of the pilot EweMove franchisees.

Having met the EweMove founders, David Laycock and Glenn Ackroyd, during his time with another franchise business, Graham was the first of many passionate entrepreneurs to put his trust in an opportunity that would redefine the traditional, regularly criticised customer experience of property sales.

Owner of EweMove Dorking and Leatherhead, Graham has always believed in the people who have made EweMove the incredibly exciting franchise opportunity it is today. Initially being sceptical about the scale of EweMove’s ambitions, Graham considered handing in his notice just six months into his original franchise agreement. But 10 years later and two years into his second franchise agreement, he has proven himself right for trusting EweMove’s brand and mission.

“It’s quite scary to think it’s been 10 years already!” said Graham. “My time as a EweMove franchisee has gone so fast - I’m incredibly proud to still represent a brand built on delivering second-to-none customer service and disrupting the industry in a positive way. Before I joined EweMove, I owned another franchise in the property industry focused on investing, which is where I also learned of the amazing potential of franchising in this sector. It was here where I recognised the potential of EweMove’s mission, which in the last 10 years, has exemplified how to build a brand successfully and to turn bad estate agency experiences on their head!

“I’m so glad I listened to the people who knew it was the beginning of something incredible. EweMove capitalised on a period that saw consumers relying heavily on brands that could deliver on what they promised. We’re now in a similar economic climate and, still, the EweMove model continues to prove its stability and financial opportunity. One of the many things that EweMove has maintained since its inception is that it’s an opportunity simply too good to ignore.”

“I’ve always focused heavily on lettings due to my own portfolio aligning well with that side of the business. And with the support of The Sheep Pen, it only took a couple of properties to manage to start seeing the viability of the model. What’s best is that, with The Sheep Pen dealing with the admin, compliance and legislation, we get more time to ensure we’re putting smiles on customers’ faces and therefore building a great reputation in our area. That support structure has been here since day one, but I’m now in a position where people come to me for support as well! It’s brilliant to be a part of a network that can use everyone’s expertise to the fullest.”

“From April 2022 to now, my turnover has grown to £320,000! The financial opportunity is impossible to ignore and, considering the additional benefits of being a franchisee for a brand that can’t do enough for its network, I couldn’t name a better place to start a business. Working as a one-man band was incredibly rewarding, but I’ve ensured I’ve evolved alongside EweMove’s incredible franchise opportunity.”

“I was a one-man band for a long time. However, I managed to acquire a portfolio two years ago and with my business being completely transformed, I had the opportunity to grow a team.

The acquisition added 142 properties to an existing portfolio, and so the property manager that came into the team with the acquisition had a great opportunity to stay heavily involved - it breathed new life into an already well-established local business. My franchise now specialises in all areas of sales and lettings, with both offering incredibly exciting financial opportunities for a diversity of reasons. My customer base can see that and our large operation can meet the demands of anyone that approaches us.

The first franchisee to have completed a full term with EweMove looks to the future with further growth and development in mind. Success, growing his team and following the process has freed up Graham’s time significantly. Having capitalised on the opportunity to nurture his team’s development, he is being afforded more chances to step away from the day-to-day operations of his business. With the world reopened and as Graham finally gets to work on ticking items off his bucket list, the opportunities he has as a business owner have never been more fruitful.

“I’m delighted to still be 100% committed to a brand that has done so much for my personal and professional life for the last 10 years. I can reflect on growing an amazing business with so much pride.

I’ve recently been to New Zealand for a long-awaited trip of a lifetime with my wife who works part-time with me – despite the time difference, we were able to enjoy some downtime due to my brilliant team supporting the running of the business.

I’ve returned more driven than ever to keep pushing my business forward. If there was ever any doubt, the time is now to join a brand that is designed to help you succeed,” concluded Graham.

“Anyone can come into this business and make it work, whether you have experience or not. But as long as you’re your own person, work hard and use the support of the network, this business will work for you. Make no mistake, you get out what you put in, and while it’s hard graft in a competitive industry, it’s so rewarding. There’s a real magic to helping people move into their dream homes!”

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