Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Peter Drucker

Posted 16 June 2021
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As one of the foremost architects of modern business management, Peter Drucker is credited with developing thinking around SMART objectives and Management by Objectives (MBO), to ensure a workforce is best able to deliver outcomes that the business requires, using individuals’ inherent skills, knowledge and self-directed effort to deliver value to their organisation.

This reversed a centralised ‘command and control’ regime that was associated with most organisations historically.

So why are we sharing this interesting, although rather unusual, story with you now and what does it have to do with EweMove?

Every few years, EweMove subjects itself to a detailed ‘warts and all’ feedback programme, managed by a company called WorkBuzz, who provide employee and franchisee engagement surveys to companies worldwide.

Our latest report, published in May 2021 highlights how we focus on culture in our organisation as a critical component of our long-term success.

The report tells us that 90% of our franchisees are ‘positive’ in their rating of EweMove when asked about our shared goals and a further 86% are positive about the network support they enjoy from their peers.

And to top it off, 97% of franchisees believe we and they ‘go the extra mile’ to get things right and support each other grow and to deliver extraordinarily high levels of service to our customers.

It’s from this culture that we’re able to deliver the businesses and business growth our franchisees want.

And speaking of growth, our highest scoring area was exactly that - with 98% of franchisees positive about their future growth opportunity and being supported by EweMove to achieve their goals.

So overall, we’re ahead of our industry benchmark score when compared to other similar organisations, and our top-rated area is culture!

I’d say that’s a great place to be and stands us in good stead to grow and welcome more like-minded people into our ever-expanding network.

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