Just one of the many questions we get asked

Posted 05 May 2021
Just one of the many questions we get asked IMAGE

There’s a great marketing book called They Ask, You Answer.

It’s a simple marketing strategy that helps companies to attract buyers in the digital era.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering some of the most common questions we get asked by prospective EweMove business owners.

To kick us off, I’ll tackle the question, ‘Do I need an Office or Shop to run a EweMove franchise?’

Without wanting to sound like a politician, it’s yes, no, and maybe.

There are pros and cons for having a High Street shopfront, serviced office or working from home.

Let’s look at them individually.

High Street Shopfront

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If you have a high street presence, you’ll have a 24/7 advertising billboard in a prominent position. You’ll also be able to house more colleagues than you would if you worked from home or in a serviced office.

But you will have much bigger expenses in terms of rent, rates and bills – and that’s not considering the set-up costs of shopfitting and branding. Plus, with a shopfront, you’ll often need to employ at least three people. This is because you’ll need someone to be at the shop if you are out on valuations, cover sickness and lunch breaks, etc.

Serviced Offices

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Serviced offices can give you the best of both worlds: a professional image, a business address and space to grow.

However, depending on where you are in the UK, the rent for these places can be almost as high as a High Street location.

Working from Home

The big plus of working from home is the expenses are virtually nil compared to the above.

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We estimate that by not having the cost of an office or shop, you can have a profit margin of +60% rather than c20%-40% if you’re paying more for your business premises.

This can make the at-home possibility very attractive to people setting up a business. But if you have young children around and no dedicated workspace, it can quickly become a distraction to everyday family life.

The rise in garden offices offer a solution, but not everyone has that option. There’s also the limiting factor of not being able to employ staff who can work alongside you if your kitchen table is your HQ.

What we found more important than where you work during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns was HOW you work.

By having cloud-based computer and telephone systems in place, our franchisees could work from home or their car or coffee shops (when the regulations allowed).

This agility and flexibility meant we could maintain uninterrupted service to our clients. And this all added up towards a much healthier bottom line.

It’s one of the most potent parts of the EweMove proposition – that wherever you are based, you are in control of where you are headed.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions you want me to answer, please get in touch.

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