Boomin Heck! Why we’re founding members of the new portal

Posted 27 April 2021
Boomin og

EweMove has signed up to be a founding agent of the new portal, Boomin.

I was asked why we did this by a friend last week.

Well, it’s simple. EweMove was started with a spirit to deliver a much better experience for clients and our franchisees. And Boomin is setting out to do precisely that.

We were impressed with the early incarnations of it we were presented with, and I could see its merits and, most notably, what it offers our franchisees and their clients.

The people behind Boomin are no strangers to causing a big stir. And with a multi-million-pound marketing budget, one thing is for sure they are serious about changing the portal landscape across the UK.

They are also offering a 12-month trial period, so I felt we would be doing our franchisees a disservice by not ensuring that we were involved.

The site itself is very user friendly and offers a different perspective from the other portals in terms of what visitors can do.

The playground feature gives potential buyers a chance to reimagine their new dream homes.

Today, the annual results from our parent company, The Property Franchise Group, we published.

And they were very healthy – highlighting how well EweMove, and our sister brands, performed during the national lockdown, owing to the innovative and bold thinking we deployed going into and coming out of Lockdown 1.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at EweMove. I believe that if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back. And that’s something we won’t let happen.

It’s what drives us to keep delivering opportunities for our franchisees. It’s why we obsess about providing the best customer experiences.

And it’s why we’re giving Boomin a chance because we think it will help deliver opportunities and improved experiences.

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