From Steak Bakes to Raising the Stakes

Posted 04 December 2022
Steve Denise Russell 1

After 20 years of working in a management position in the QSR industry, Stephen Russell decided it was time to apply his skillset to a vocation that he has a real passion for. Being driven by nurturing positive relationships and putting a smile on people’s faces, the next step in Stephen’s career had to complement his biggest strength while equally championing a light-hearted approach to business.

Now, having been franchisee of EweMove Lutterworth since March 2021, Stephen and his wife, Denise, who joined him on his business venture soon after launching, have reaped the successes of being a part of a franchise network driven by personal and professional development.

A ‘power partnership’ within the EweMove network, Stephen and Denise have successfully demonstrated the flexibility of the EweMove model by ensuring their business plays to their individual strengths. With valuable experience in CRM and marketing, Denise has been able to develop and nurture her own skillset alongside Stephen in a management position in an evergreen industry. And as the pair flourish as they continue to balance their roles and duties as franchisees, they have found a business that gives them the freedom to closely support their daughter as she undertakes her GCSEs.

“Having overseen the operations of multiple successful territories and manage over 1,000 people in the QSR industry, I decided to take this sidestep in my career as a way of revitalising my love of nurturing customer relationships,” explained Stephen. “I’ve always had a keen interest in the property industry as well. So, when I saw the opportunity arise to become a franchisee of EweMove, it was a no-brainer.”

“EweMove’s brilliant model and ethos is unlike any other franchise,” said Stephen. “The support, training and package is exemplary and The Sheep Pen is a brilliant example of a franchisor going above and beyond for their network.

“Training never really ends!” added Denise. “I’ve just returned from supplementary training at The Sheep Pen and it was so valuable as we take the next step in the development of our franchise. The Sheep Pen makes a point of us knowing the facilities and resources are constantly at hand - it’s down to us to go and get them to reap the successes of being a EweMove franchisee.”

There’s no way you could launch a business this sophisticated by yourself. We’re two people who have only been in the industry since March 2021, and we have an established business that’s on track to become one of the leaders in our region. It simply wouldn’t be possible if we did it alone.”

“We’re so ambitious and we know we’re well placed to become a truly valued service for our community,” explained Stephen. “It’s reflected in our results so far – my win rate is 88% because we’re simply prepared to go the extra mile. A lot of other estate agencies don’t. The service we offer is unlike any other currently available in the industry, and the demand is always present. We want to be the go-to agent in our area within the next three years. That’s what drives us, being number one for service and listings.”

“Having come from a marketing background, I can say with certainty the branding is genius. In fact, everything about EweMove just works! The steps and processes are proven, and it makes our lives so much simpler and enjoyable because we can enjoy downtime and holidays with our daughter but not feel restricted by the occasional need to spend a couple of hours on a job. What’s great is how perfectly EweMove fits in with our lives – we’re expanding at a rate that works for the town and for us."

We’re now entering a very profitable period as franchisees. But we’ve already enjoyed some significant milestones - in just our second month of launch we had commissions to match our initial investment!"

The journey Stephen and Denise are delighted to be on as a part of the flock is only just beginning. As the pair continue to enjoy the work-life balance they have struck as they support their daughter through her GCSEs, managing a franchise that never feels like ‘work’ couldn’t have found them at a better time.

“We can see a clear direction for the potential of our EweMove franchise. EweMove is a simple concept – as franchisees, we’re our own bosses with the full support of a company that never fails to deliver the tools we need to be a success,” concluded Stephen.

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