How we solved the eternal leads issue

Posted 11 May 2021

One of the questions that is always towards the top of the list, for people looking at a EweMove franchise, is ‘how do I get leads, and how many should I expect?’ In fact, it’s at the top of the list for any business-owning estate agent!

Well, the good news when it comes to this subject, is that we have a track record of delivering plenty of opportunities for our franchisees.

And while agents up and down the country are reporting a lack of new leads, we’re experiencing the opposite.

In April, we recorded our best-ever month for enquiries from people thinking of selling with almost 5,000 potential sellers and landlords contacting us for valuations. This is around DOUBLE the volume we had in April 2019. (Let’s not mention April 2020!)

Here’s how we’re bucking the trend and serve up consistent, high-quality leads.

The Lean Green Marketing Machine (LGMM)

Our Ewenique ‘Lean Green Marketing Machine’ is a package of tried and tested online and off-line, new and traditional marketing approaches, which generates leads for our franchisees from the very first day they launch their business and every day thereafter.

In our experience, if a franchisee spends between £1,500 and £2,000 each month, consistently using the LGMM tools, this will generate on average 41 high-quality leads per month.

From this, when looking at average sales conversion (the skill of the agent converting these leads into appraisals and winning listings - the franchisees job!) and the likelihood of the property reaching completion, 41 leads should deliver 8-9 listings and 6-7 completions.

Dealing with FOMO

Many people suffer from FOMO (the fear of missing out) in our 24/7 era of endless information.

We are mindful of a different type of FOMO (the fear of missing opportunities).

That’s why we handle leads very, very carefully.

We have a thoroughly thought-out system for dealing with enquiries around the clock, meaning our franchisees never miss out on opportunities.

Everything is in place when it comes to call answering services and web chat from the industry’s best suppliers. This means the leads which come in are handled professionally so that they turn into valuations and instructions.

Great Service Generates More Leads

And finally, let’s talk about getting R&R – not rest and recuperation but referrals and recommendations.

Our business model and the EweMove way is built around customer relationships, and we expect our franchisees to deliver extraordinarily high levels of customer service to their vendors and viewers.

Our data shows our franchisees should expect around half of their new business to come from ‘Delighted Customers’ who have been referred to them.

We know from experience this focus on delivering exceptional service is one of the most potent and predictable ways to generate the best quality leads.

I genuinely believe that whatever the market is doing, there are always leads out there that can turn into business opportunities for agents, who know what they are doing and have the best infrastructure.

How are you ensuring you are getting the leads you need to run your business or earn the commissions you need?

Thanks for reading.

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