Spring Lamb Training

Posted 01 June 2022
Peter Jarman 1

From Cornwall to Coulsdon and everywhere in between, May has been another brilliant month of training and seeing our new franchisees be introduced to our exceptional training programme and systems. What our new lambs demonstrate best is that whether you are a veteran in the property industry, stepping up in your career or transitioning onto a new and exciting journey, EweMove helps everyone, from all walks of life, achieve the successes they are seeking.

Here's what just 3 of our spring lambs had to say about their time with EweMove so far:

Georgina Hopkinson – EweMove Worcester East

I’ve been absolutely blown away by initial training so far – it’s fantastic! The whole structure of the brand is a breath of fresh air. It’s the reason I’ve joined EweMove! The modern look and the modern approach that EweMove takes is so attractive in the 21st century as a businessperson and consumer - it’s embracing the benefits of technology which isn’t seen anywhere else in the industry today. And by having experience in other brands that don’t make the most of the technology at their disposal, I’ve been able to see the depth of what the Sheep Pen does to make sure we can be as successful as possible.

“The Sheep Pen is fabulous! As a new lamb, you really get a taste of the quality of the set up - the franchise knocks everybody out of the ballpark. The branding is so great, and I’ve really bought into it - the imagination is so inspiring and fun. The personal spin you can put on your business is great for what I want to achieve, and the fact they’re so on top of new technology and media really helps keep your business fresh. There’s plenty to get your head around and I’m still in the thick of that – but I can’t wait to get going. Training has already made me excited to grow my business!”

Sandy Sharma – EweMove Coulsdon

“I have 30 years’ experience in estate agency, and it has been so refreshing to join a franchise that offers such a high-quality product that’s so ahead of the curve - EweMove really has ticked all of our boxes. I’ve come from an agency where the standards weren’t high enough and didn’t make the most of what the industry can do. My business partner, Spencer, and I will be able to combine veteran experience with a detailed knowledge of modern technology, so we feel well placed in a brand that gives us the platform to utilise these skills to the fullest. I’m incredibly excited to use EweMove’s systems and sophisticated branding, which will assist us in providing a refreshing, positive experience to our clients.”

Peter Jarman – EweMove Truro

“Training has gone really well so far. It’s been well organised and has been very well delivered. There’s a lot of information to take in before you even start training, but it’s been great to receive such a large level of detail – I’ve got a real feel for the brand which has inspired and excited me. It’s helped everything go smoothly so far – I’ve hardly needed any additional support from the Sheep Pen! But what’s nice is that whenever I’ve needed anyone for anything, they’ve been on hand to offer all the support I need. I’ve nearly finished initial training, and I’m really excited to get going with the onboarding process and launch!”

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