Staying With a Brand That Ticks All The Boxes

Posted 30 May 2023

When Adie McCarthy and his family decided to move from Oakham to Skipton, he felt like there was no way around waving goodbye to EweMove – the franchise opportunity that had finally given him the success, inspiration and drive he had long been seeking. Having launched EweMove Oakham and Market Harborough in 2020 and subsequently reaping the huge personal and financial success of being a EweMove franchisee, he simply could not leave behind a brand that had ticked all of his boxes for the first time in his career. So, instead, at the beginning of 2023, Adie set about forging a career path that would enable him to stay with the UK’s leading, most innovative hybrid estate agency.

Before finding EweMove, Adie spent 13 years of his career exploring the dynamic and diverse opportunities estate agency offered. From working in a self-employed capacity, managing his own team and even living in Bangkok, the veteran of the property industry has seen it all – but none of these experiences hit home quite like EweMove. Now, as one of the Business Development Managers for EweMove’s head office team – more fondly known as The Sheep Pen - Adie has settled in a role that allows him to continue benefitting from a second-to-none business model while focusing on strategy and pushing the entire network to the next level.

“When I decided that selling my franchise was the only viable option for me and my family, I was immediately left with the worry of no longer being a part of a brand that nurtures and champions innovation,” explained Adie. “After agreeing the sale of my territory, I speculatively applied for a job in The Sheep Pen but was told it wouldn’t work for me and my area of expertise. So, by working closely with the team as we set about finding a way of keeping me around, we decided that business development was where I belong!

I simply couldn’t leave EweMove. It’s a brand that isn’t scared of disrupting an industry that gets so regularly criticised for being outdated. With EweMove celebrating its values of being a unique modern, forward thinking and adaptable franchise all while providing exceptional service, I’ve felt at home here since day one.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to stay in an environment where I can grow personally and professionally. Throughout my career, I’ve learned that successful estate agency involves property experts being their own personal brand as much as representing the company they work for. Here, franchisees are given that space to flourish and more. Today, the savvy consumer landscape is receptive to a personable, open and transparent service. That’s fundamentally what EweMove has been built on, so I know The Sheep Pen will be the ideal place for me to continue learning but also make valuable contributions – especially with my insight into being a franchisee and as a member of head office.”

“Put simply, estate agency and the property industry as a whole needs to earn the general public’s full trust. For years, we’ve seen leading brands fail as they simply didn’t meet the expected standards and level of service that we’ve become accustomed to from other service sectors. There’s only one brand in today’s property industry that’s responsible for raising those expectations – EweMove. Not just as a brand, but as a network of likeminded and driven entrepreneurs, EweMove is leading the way for truly instilling widespread trust by building real relationships with real people. It sounds simple – but so many brands don’t do it!

With one agent supporting clients through their entire home-moving journey, it makes people feel better about their point of contact and experience. What’s better, with the growth of hybrid environments and services, EweMove has been one step ahead of the competition for a decade!

Having a strong focus on consumer behaviour, preferences and activity, Adie is currently streamlining EweMove’s online social presence, allowing franchisees to become more directly accessible to their direct target audiences. A strong believer in the hybrid model – where customers benefit from an agent with great online presence and a face-to-face relationship - and the opportunities available through maximising technology, Adie’s position in The Sheep Pen will prove invaluable for franchisees. With technology and industry leading resources at his fingertips, his new role is helping the brand capitalise on online social spaces that are only just beginning to be explored by the UK property industry as a way of buying and selling.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a EweMove franchisee. You can see an aligned vision with everyone to keep the upwards trajectory going, especially as we all devote ourselves to finding more cutting-edge ways of delivering our services. It’s a challenging time with the cost-of-living crisis, but there’s still so much space for growth as a brand. It wasn’t just the business model, financial opportunity or guaranteed success that kept me at EweMove – it was the people.

If you are inspired by the prospect of forging a career path in one of the most innovative and ambitious franchise opportunities available today, speak to one of the team on 01274 888 788

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