WATCH: EweMove Vs Going It Alone

Posted 02 August 2021
Paul nick

Recently, our most local franchisee Paul Bottomley, who owns and runs EweMove Cleckheaton, joined Nick in his office at the Sheep Pen to talk about how the costs of running a EweMove business compare to the costs of 'going it alone'.

Not only do the costs compare very favourably, saving around 75% compared to an independent High Street operation, but there are also the hidden benefits too of our back-office people support and technology layer that ensures franchisees have as much time as possible, available to spend with customers doing what they do best, and that's winning and signing up new business.

It's a highly innovative way to build a high net-margin business that secures a fantastic income for our carefully selected franchisees.

Why not watch the video and talk to us in more detail to see if you have what it takes to join the privileged network of EweMove franchisees and to enjoy the rewards that come with it.

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