Escaping The Corporate Grind

Posted 13 April 2021

“I’d worked for Hamptons in central London for many years.

I was frustrated by being ordered around and living under the corporate whip as it were.

I was also missing out on my young daughter growing up due to the amount of
commuting I was doing.

I knew I needed a change but hadn’t even considered a franchise before I became aware of EweMove.

I liked what I saw and heard from the management team but what clinched it for me was being able to have a chat with an experienced franchisee.

His background was like mine and he told me how EweMove had transformed his life despite him initially having his own doubts and fears about the brand.

He reassured me, and his success was the evidence I needed that the franchise model worked if you followed it.

I was also concerned the ‘sheep’ would put vendors and landlords off but have found that my clients love it. And those who don’t wouldn’t be calling me in anyway.

It is hard work. It can be stressful but ultimately I’m now in control of mine and my family’s future and I love what I do and I’m building a strong business.

My advice to anyone considering a EweMove franchise is to do your market research, ensure you have enough funds to cover you in the early period and to go for it.”

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